Click on the titles to go straight to the sample on this blog. The Amazon links go to the US site, but available in all markets. Not all the Smashwords links are working yet, as I’m moving things over there from June – August 2017. All collections are in bold, and these work out cheaper per story.

My Amazon Page is here, and my Smashwords is here. Follow me on those sites (or this blog) to keep up on new releases.

Ariana Cheats with Me –  mf, friend’s girlfriend, naïve girlfriend. Amazon, Smashwords

Backpacker Pick-up – mfm, hot wife, younger man. Amazon, Smashwords

Banging My Wife and Her Friend – ffm, hot wife. Amazon, Smashwords

Club Bangers – mfmmm, interracial, MDMA. Amazon, Smashwords

Double Penetration Tales – mfm, hot wife, shared girlfriend. Amazon, Smashwords

Hostel DP – mfm, shared girlfriend. Amazon, Smashwords.

Hot Wives & Girlfriends – Volume 1–  Amazon, Smashwords

Hot Wives & Girlfriends – Volume 2 –  Amazon, Smashwords

Hot Wives & Girlfriends – Volume 3 –  Amazon, Smashwords

Hot Wives & Girlfriends – Vol. 1, 2 & 3 –  Amazon, Smashwords

Hot Wives & Girlfriends – Volume 4 –  Amazon, Smashwords

Hot Wives & Girlfriends – Volume 5 –  Amazon, Smashwords

How I Became a Manwhore – mf, older women. Amazon, Smashwords

Jenn’s Movie Night – mfm, ffm, cfnm, cuckold video. Amazon, Smashwords

Jenn’s Tail: A hot wife story – mfm, mfmm, fmff. Amazon, Smashwords

Kate & Suzy, BFF & FFM – mfm, ffm, mfmf. Amazon, Smashwords

Lesbian-owned Wife – fmff, bondage, drugged. Amazon, Smashwords

Letter to a Rich Cuck – ffm, stepmom and stepdaughter. Amazon, Smashwords

Loving Wife Online – mf, cuckold video. Amazon, Smashwords

Moving Day Threesome – mfm, shared girlfriend. Amazon, Smashwords

My Girl Swings Both Ways – ffm. Amazon, Smashwords

Other Men’s Women – mfm, mfmm, cheating wives and girlfriends. Amazon, Smashwords

Priya’s Education naïve girlfriend, mfmm. Amazon, Smashwords

Priya’s MDMA Gangbang – mfmmm, MDMA. Amazon, Smashwords

Showing Off Kim – mfm, slutty girlfriend. Amazon, Smashwords

Stepmom Seduction – stepmom and stepson. Amazon, Smashwords

new★ Swapping My Girl – mfmf. Amazon, Smashwords

Swinging Wife – mfm, fmfff, ffm. Amazon, Smashwords

Two Cheating Girlfriends – ffm. Amazon, Smashwords

Watching Her First Time – mfm. Amazon, Smashwords

Watching Her Fun – mfm, ffm, mfmm. Amazon, Smashwords

Wife’s Escort Revenge – mfm, interracial. Amazon, Smashwords

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