New ‘hot wives’ collection on Smashwords

HWGF - 02

Long available on Amazon (US site – but in all markets), this has just been published on Smashwords. Click the cover (or here) to get the 20% sample in any text format.

Here’s the blurb:

Contains three explicit stories. Lesbian-owned Wife (FMFFF, light bondage), Priya’s Education (MFMM), and Showing Off Kim (MFM), all of which feature women cheating on their partners. The 20% sample will get you most of the first, so take a look if curious and aged 18+.

My Girl Needs More


Two new stories in the Rapid Release series are now online. Visit Smashwords (here) or Amazon (soon) to get the free sample. The blurb is below:

Two stories in 6,000 words to get your motor started. Sandra, Kelly & Me tells the tale of a threesome in Barcelona with two older women, while My Girl Needs More is another MFMM adventure from the master of wild sex and good drugs. 18+ and likely to offend, so please get the sample before buying and do not read in public.

“So you’re a couple?”

Another volume in the Rapid Release series should be available by the end of the week, with an FFM tale followed by MFMM. The first starts like this:

One time I fucked these two older women on vacation in Europe, when I was in my 20s and they were in their late 30s, early 40s. I don’t know for sure, we only hung out for a day and never exchanged details, so I have no idea where they are now, which means I can use the only names I knew them by here.

Kelly and Sandra were travelling together, and I met them in Barcelona. We were all staying in a little hotel near Las Ramblas – small, clean rooms, good coffee and pastries for breakfast, but no gym or pool, that kind of thing. I was there for a conference, and decided to make use of the flight to stay on for a short vacation. They were Canadians, college friends both post-divorce and looking for a fresh start, just travelling through Europe, drinking and seeing the sights, thinking too much and experimenting with a little bi-curious action.

As Kelly said of their arrangement, somewhere into our fourth of fifth drink of the day, “Only another woman knows, right?”

“Yes,” said Sandra, “and a double room’s better value than two singles.”

“So you’re a couple?”

They looked at each other, held hands, and smiled.

“I guess,” Sandra said.

“We’ll see what happens in Vancouver, eh? We’ve still got that whole…ugh!”

Kelly rolled her eyes and drained her wine in one big gulp, then gestured the waiter to bring another round.

Sandra looked at me and shrugged.

“Divorce is messy, kid, don’t get married.”

“I wish I’d married you,” Kelly said, and they kissed.

Update: Now finished, so get the sample from Amazon or Smashwords here.

Something for the weekend

The middle story from Watching Her First Time is free this weekend (09/02-03/2017) on Amazon. Going under the title Banging My Wife and Her Friend, it delivers on the marijuana-fueled FFM action. Click on the cover to go the US site, but available in all markets.


Other Men’s Women

cover other men's women.png

New cover for this Amazon-exclusive title, but it’ll be coming to Smashwords soon. If your device can read MOBI files (i.e. is a Kindle or has the Kindle App), click on the cover and pick up a copy for the bargain (US) price of $2.99, or at least get the sample and see if it works.

Showing Off Kim – new on Smashwords

SOK cover WIP

Almost finished moving books to Smashwords, with the latest addition being Showing Off Kim. Hit the cover to go to Smashwords and get the 20% sample in any of the many text formats on offer. The same story can also be found on Amazon (here), and here’s the start on this blog.

Travel sex

Travel sex may be the best sex, and I’ve written a few stories about people having fun away from home, trying out new identities and not worrying about the future. Click on the titles to read the samples on this blog, or the links to Amazon and Smashwords (where 10% and 20% samples are also available, respectively).

And if you want to learn how to have sex on an airplane, then read this.

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